• Worcester Greenstar 30SI

    The Greenstar 30Si Compact

    In the 2014/15 report and for the fourth year running the

    entire range of Worcester Greenstar gas boilers have been awarded 

    Which? Best Buy, the only boiler manufacturer to have been awarded Best Buy status.

    Greenstar 30Si

    New Worcester 30 SI gas-fired Si 

    The compact is the successor to the Greenstar Si combi boiler.

    Ideal for small to medium sized properties with one bathroom, 

    it has a host of performance-enhancing features, 

    including the revolutionary WB7 heat exchanger 

    which enables the appliances to deliver 

    DHW flow rates of 10.2 and 12.3 l/min despite their compact size.

    The new Worcester Greenstar 30 Si Compact has been 

    designed to make installation and commissioning easier and 

    quicker and comes supplied with a unique wall-mounting jig 

    which enables the installer to quickly 

    pre-plumb all seven pipe connections without the boiler being on the wall.

    These Worcester Greenstar 30SI

    5-year boiler guarantee as standard (terms and conditions apply)

    10-year guarantee on the primary heat exchanger.

    Central heating output: 24kW
    Domestic hot water flow rate: 

    12.3 litres per minute at a 35-degree temperature rise 

    (provided adequate mains water pressure is available)

    Designed operational flow rate 10.7 litres per 

    minutes at 40-degree temperature rise.

    Which? annual boiler report September 2014

    90.5% AThe Greenstar 30Si Compact is 90.5% efficient and is in the 

    highest possible official efficiency category, 

    SAP 2005 seasonal efficiency rating.

    A rated efficiency (SEDBUK 2005 value)

    5-year boiler guarantee as standard (terms and conditions apply)

    10-year guarantee on the primary heat exchanger 

    and 5-year anti-scale guarantee on the domestic hot water heat exchanger 

    (subject to terms and conditions)
    Can be installed in a standard kitchen cupboard 

    without the need for ventilation 

    (a standard cupboard is 720mm high by 600mm wide by 300mm deep)

    Split jig design for optimum lift weight (32.9kg)

    expansion vessel has a simple drop lock mechanism 

    that connects directly onto the hydraulic unit

    Ability to pre-plumb all 7 connections without the boiler being on the wall – 

    gas, water, PRV & condensate connections

    Worcester Greenstar 30SI

    Robust wall mounting frame provided as standard allows space 

    for pipes behind the boiler

    LCD boiler display for operation status, 

    commissioning features and diagnostics
    EMS-BUS compatibility enables use with 

    Worcester intelligent controls series

    All in all, if you are in the market for a new boiler 

    you will find the Greenstar range is very hard to beat.

    If you would like a free estimate for a new Greenstar to be fitted,