• Worcester Greenstar 18RI

    The Worcester Greenstar 18RI is an open vented regular boiler

    designed to replace the old style boilers.

    As with all new boilers these days the Worcester Greenstar 18RI is a condensing boiler,

    with a very high-efficiency output, meaning you save on your fuel bills,

    which is good news, what with the price of fuel today.

    Greenstar 18RI is a condensing boiler, with a very high-efficiency output, meaning you save on your fuel bills, which is good news, what with the price of fuel today. The design of these boilers means they can be fitted in a regular size kitchen wall cupboard. The RI range comes in 4 different sizes, meaning there is one to suit the smallest home right up to the largest.[/caption]

    If your existing boiler heats your water by a hot water storage tank, then the

    Worcester Greenstar RI 18 is an ideal boiler replacement for you.

    The flue on the Worcester Greenstar RI18 sits on top of the boiler and can be rotated in any direction needed to exit the flue.

    These boilers are very easy to install, but as with any gas, the appliance has to be installed by a Gas safe registered person.

    Worcester boilers being one of the United Kingdom leading boiler suppliers also offer a 5-year warranty on the Greenstar range.

    The warranty is subject to Worcester’s terms and conditions.

    To keep the warranty valid the boiler has to be serviced once a year.

    As with all new boilers, they come with a benchmark book that has to be filled in by the gas safe

    installer on completion of the installation, signed and dated. The same goes for the service,

    once the service is complete the engineer has to sign and date the benchmark to confirm the work carried out.

    The Worcester Greenstar 18RI boilers can be linked up to Worcester’s unvented

    hot water cylinders, another energy-saving appliance built by Worcester.

    Both the boiler and the unvented cylinder are also able to link up to solar panels, which is now a common sight on the roofs of homes today in the UK.

    The average cost of installing just the Worcester Greenstar RI18 boiler will be around £2100.00 depending on what work is involved.

    This boiler can be connected up to the latest cost-saving controls.

    Like every boiler that is installed in the UK, the system has to be flushed out and cleaned.

    If the boiler is connected to an old heating system that has not been cleaned, t

    hen you are sure to have problems in the future.

    Because these boilers have very small waterways in the

    heat exchanger, they can get blocked, and reduce the flow of water.

    Once this happens the lifespan of the boiler is cut.

    If the boiler has been flushed and cleaned, then it should last you 15 years plus.

    If you are having your old boiler replaced then it’s worth spending that little extra to

    make sure everything installed according to the maker’s instructions.

    What people don’t rely on is you only get what you pay for if your engineer gives you a price to carry out the work, and you ask if he can do it at a lot smaller price,

    then he will use cheaper parts and cut corners. If will be safe and work, but the cheaper parts will not last that long and will need to be changed. In the end, it will cost you more.

    If you have been thinking of changing your ageing boiler to a Worcester Greenstar 18RI and

    would like to discuss the work that’s involved, just enter your details in the box below and request a callback….