• Vaillant boilers as we all know, build quality boilers, with quality parts.

    When searching for a new LPG boiler you would well advise to taking a look at this Vaillant Eco tec plus LPG, it’s output is 32Kw

    This flexible LPG combination boiler designed for any home

    • High performance, control and efficiency
    • Precision heating to reduce your fuel bills
    • Hand-built at the award-winning Derbyshire manufacturing plant
    • Delivers hot water within 5 seconds, no need for a storage tank or cylinder.
    • 5-year guarantee as standard, with 7 to 10 years available when you use a Vaillant Advance Registered installer.

    The boiler warranty is only valid if the boiler is registered on completion of installation with Vaillant and Gas Safe, as well as having an annual service.

    When each boiler service is carried out, the service engineer must sign and date the benchmark book supplied with the boiler.

    Vaillant Eco Tec Plus LPG

    If in the future you decide to sell your property the buyer’s solicitors will want to see this book.

    The boiler has outstanding performance: low energy consumption for hot water and central heating and lower fuel bills for you. 

    This ecoTEC plus is smart: when it knows you don’t need as much heating power, it can drop to using 16% of its maximum power.

    Saving you on fuel and your hard-earned money.

    The Eco tec plus is efficient, easy to use, reliable and quiet.

    Its straightforward backlit display, its stainless-steel heat exchanger, it’s premium components, and it’s Quiet Mark accreditation.

    Boiler dimension (W x H x D mm) 440 x 720 x 338

    • Cost-effective
    • Only heats water on demand
    • Energy efficient
    • Reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your fuel bill
    • Instant hot water Space-saving
    • No need for separate cylinder or loft tank so ideal for smaller properties
    • Prevents frost damage
    • Designed for a peaceful home with Quiet Mark Choice of app controls
    • ErP A rated boiler with up to 94% efficiency, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your fuel bills
    • Compatible with Vaillant’s vSMARTT Mapp based control for heating on the go

    All in all this Vaillant Eco tec plus LPG combination boiler is well built as you would expect from Vaillant.

    The boiler backup service, should you ever need it, is second to none.

    From an installers point of view, Vaillant, in general, are a good make of boiler, easy to install and service.

    We have installed many Vaillant boilers both, LPG and natural gas, over the years and find the ones that have problems, are the ones that have never been serviced.

    Having the boiler maintained is very important in preserving its life.

    One part of the boiler the expansion vessel, overtime drops in pressure, this must be checked without fail.

    An expansion vessel left unchecked could cause much damage to your boiler. 

    If interested in discussing more, re Vaillant Eco tec Plus LPG boiler, use our contact form, we will be only too happy to help.