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    DuvalHeating Time to Repair Those Leaking Taps
  • Those Leaking Taps

    If you have leaking taps in your home and you keep putting it off to get then repaired,

    then you are not alone.

    Many people in the united kingdom put off those little jobs like leaking taps

    that need to be repaired around the house because they don’t have the time.

    But did you know you are throwing good hard earned money down the drain?

    They estimate that leaking or dripping tap can cost you around £50.00 a year, depending on how severe the leak may be.

    I know that might not sound much to many people, but why to throw money down the drain.

    If you have dripping taps,

    it’s normally a quick repair. If your taps are the washer type then you can even do the repair yourself.

    So how do you do the repair without flooding the place?

    First, you have to isolate the water that feeds the taps.

    If you look underneath where the pipes go to the taps,

    sometimes you will have valves fitted that will isolate the water supply.

    They may be a shiny Chrome colour,

    some have arms that you that close, and others have a screw head that needs

    turning with a flat head screwdriver.

    If you have these valves fitted you are half way there to repairing your taps.

    If you do not have any isolating valves fitted then you need to find another way of isolating the water.

    If you have a combi boiler fitted in your house,

    then all you need to do is turn off the incoming main water supply vis the stopcock.

    This will close down all the water within the house.

    If you have a hot water tank fitted and not a combi boiler then you should have

    an isolation valve in the cupboard beside the tank, this will close the hot water down,

    now you have to close the cold water,

    again you should have a valve in the cupboard that will isolate the cold.

    Now you have isolated the water supplying the leaking taps,

    it time to carry out the repair.

    Remove the head of the tap,

    this normally done by just inserting a very thin flathead screwdriver or even your nail under the top plate.

    Once the top is off you should find a small screw the holds the head of the tap on.

    Unscrew the screw, be careful not to drop it down the plughole.

    Now with an adjustable spanner you need to undo the tap body,

    it can be a little tight but with some force, it will undo. Remove the body

    completely from the tap and check the washer.

    If the washer is not broken or split then all you need to do is turn it over,

    as the backside has never been used.

    If the washer is showing signs of wear then you need to replace it. Go to your local plumber’s merchant and get some new washers. Then its jet a case of refitting it all back together.

    If you’re leaking taps have disc type bodies fitted then you need to make sure you mark which one is hot and cold, again go to the local plumber’s merchant and get replacements. With this type of tap body if you fit them back the wrong way you may find that when turning the tap on it turns the other way.

    That’s why you need to mark the hot and cold. These type of bodies can be very expensive, and sometimes it can be just as cheap to replace the taps. That’s another article at a later date.

    Once you have put everything back together its time to reinstate the water supply. Turn on the water and check that the leaking tap is now a thing of the past.

    You should now have a fully working tap that does not leak. Job well done.

    If you have any questions on how to repair leaking taps, then why not drop us an email or request a callback to discuss your problem, or even if you feel you cannot carry out the repair yourself and would like us to carry out the repair, then just enter your details in the box below.