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    Do you suffer from hot and cold spots on your home heating radiators?

    If you do we can help.

    The problem is normally a sludge build-up within your heating system.

    Sludge build-up can destroy a heating system, it will eat away the radiators.

    This is where our thermal imaging plumber can help.

    Without a thermal camera, we can’t trace the exact location of the problem.

    Have you ever had a pinhole leak from one of your radiators?

    If so, it was caused by sludge build-up.

    With our thermal service, we can check how bad your system is sludged up.

    We will show you the images of your central heating pipework, You will be able to see how bad the restriction is.

    Power Flushing

    Once your system has been affected with sludge build-up, it has to be removed by power flushing the whole system throughout.

    To clean the system a cleaning agent is added to the system water and circulated for a minimum of 2 hours, 

    the longer the cleaner is in the system the better.

    Once the system is clean, it is flushed out.

    An inhibitor will be added to protect the boiler, radiators and system.

    Now that the system is clean we can use our Imaging Camera to check the system over. 

    it will show us how clean the system is. We can follow all the pipework with the camera

    It will tell us if the system needs extra clean. 

    The Thermal Imaging Plumber

    Thermal Imaging

    With our thermal imaging camera, we can trace blockages within the heating system.

    We can see where the pipes are located under the flooring, we can even trace water leakage.

    Our thermal imaging camera can help solve many problems with your heating system.

    Thermal Imaging Report

    When using the thermal imaging camera, all pictures are saved to disc.

    We will produce a written report for you detailing everything that we found.

    This will be forwarded over to you via email, along with all the thermal images that were taken.

    The use of the thermal imaging camera is a big breakthrough for the home heating system.

    Many people are told when the boiler stops working, it is due to sludge buildup, this is not always the case.

    With the use of the camera, we can now prove this either way.

    The thermal imaging camera can and will save you money.

    If you are interested in having your heating system checked over.

    Please use our online booking page and make sure you enter as many details as possible.

    Tell us what your problem is, and how it is affecting your central heating system.

    Don’t forget to enter a contact number and your postcode.