• Boiler Warranty

    You have just had a brand new boiler installed and it comes with a seven-year warranty, 

    great you think, at least I am covered for the next seven years or so, 

    should the boiler breakdown,

    but it’s not that straightforward. 

    To keep the warranty valid you have to follow the terms of the warranty.

    So what are the boiler warranty terms?

    First, when the boiler was installed

    the whole heating system had to be flushed out to remove any debris and sludge from the system, 

    once the system is clean an inhibitor has to be added

    to protect against any sludge build up in the future. 

    Your gas safe installer should do this when installing your boiler.

    If the system is not flushed out to the Boilermakers instructions, 

    then should your boiler breakdown you will find that most Boilermakers will

    void the warranty due to dirty water within the system. 

    Boiler Warranty

    Most modern boiler breakdowns are due to dirty water or sludge in the system.

    It’s a good idea to have an inline filter fitted when your boiler is being installed, 

    it’s fitted to the return pipe of the boiler

    and any debris or sludge that passes through it should be stopped

    from entering the boiler and causing problems.

    Boiler Warranty

    Next, Every boiler comes with a legal document called a benchmark, 

    this has to be filled in by the installing engineer

    signed and dated and left with the boiler. 

    If you don’t have this benchmark then you don’t have any warranty.

    If your engineer did not give you the benchmark you need to contact home and ask for it.

    Though your boiler came with a seven-year warranty

    you still have to make sure you have it serviced each year. 

    When the boiler is serviced your engineer will ask you for the benchmark book, 

    he must fill it in and sign and dated it, with any comments he may have about the boiler. 

    At the same time, the water in your system needs to be checked

    to see if the inhibitor needs topping up. 

    If the water is not checked and sludge starts to build up and 

    the water becomes dirty then your boiler warranty will become void.

    Boiler Warranty

    Over time we have installed many boilers with big warranties, 

    but for some reason, some of the customers think that they don’t need an annual service as they have

    a big warranty. 

    It’s just like buying a new car that came with a five year warranty, 

    part of that warranty is you must have the car service every so many miles, 

    the boiler is just the same.

    In the future you will need to have your boiler serviced every year by law, 

    government are in the process of making it law very soon, 

    some parts of Europe already have this in place. 

    If you think about it, it makes sense. 

    Gas, water and electricity can be very dangerous,

    and that is what is inside your boiler. 

    It will also help your boiler to last longer than a boiler that has never been serviced.

    The life span of a boiler is around eight to ten years, 

    gone are the days of when a boiler would last you thirty years or more, 

    today’s condensing boiler are so complex inside that it needs to be serviced every year. 

    The old boilers were just a lump of cast iron, a burner, t

    hermocouple and thermostat with large water ways. 

    Boiler Warranty

    Today’s boilers are more efficient than the old ones, 

    the water ways are very small and with so much electronics inside

    they need to be maintained. 

    Some of you have a big warranty on your boiler, 

    don’t forget to have it serviced, or 

    you could find your warranty is void

    Boiler Warranty