• New Boiler Installations Suffolk
    Female technician commissioning boiler using tablet computer

    Is your boiler struggling to heat your home, making strange noises when working?

    If so, it’s time to start thinking about a new boiler.

    New boiler installations are not as bad as most people think. Yes, they can get a little messy, but a good installer will clean up afterwards.

    So how do you go about replacing your home boiler?

    It’s a simple process if you follow a few simple steps.

    First, you should contact a local gas safe registered boiler company.

    You may already know of a company from previous works or through friends or family.

    If you don’t know of a local company, don’t worry it’s easy to find a reputable company.

    Go to Google, or whatever search engine you use, and type in Gas Safe Register.

    Click on the link, you will see on the main page, a long search bar.

    Enter your postcode into the box and hit find now. 

    You will then see a list of all local registered engineers in your area.

    Now you have the list on the screen, you will see a box that reads view our engineers.

    Hit the box, it will show all the engineers details, as well as all the appliances they can work on.

    Just make sure they have a tick on the boilers box, If you have LPG, check the LPG box for a tick.

    You will also see a picture of the engineer who is registered. That’s it, simple.

    I would advise collecting the details of three companies, so you have a choice.

    Whatever you do, don’t use someone who is not registered, you will be breaking the law, and liable for a big penalty.  Your home insurance will also become void.

    Now you have the details of a local company, make arrangements for them to visit your home to discuss your boiler requirements.

    Before they arrive, it’s a good idea to write down any questions you may have re the new boiler installations.

    By writing down your questions, you won’t forget to ask when they arrive.

    Don’t settle for the first company, they may sound good, but unless you see another company you will not know.

    Do some research on these companies, do a search on Google, try to find any reviews they may have from previous customers.

    It should give you an idea of who and what this company is all about.

    Some engineers when they arrive can be a little pushy, saying oh, you need this or you need that.

    Just ignore it, wait for the next company to arrive and see what they say.

    Yes, new boiler installations have to be installed to current gas and building regulations, but that’s it. 

    A good engineer will explain all that is required to install your new boiler without being pushy.

    All new boiler installations once completed have to be registered through gas safe, whom intern notify your local authority. 

    Once notified they will send you a certificate of compliance, which you should keep safe.

    It can take 3-4 weeks to arrive. Your installer has to carry out this registration.

    One last thing, with new boiler installations, you only get what you pay for. Yes, they all do the same thing but build quality and reliability is what you want.

    A cheap boiler will not last as long as a good quality boiler.

    I hope this article on new boiler installations has been of help to you, should you need a new boiler.