• My Boiler Won’t Work

  • My Boiler Won’t Work

    What do I do first!

    Nothing can be more frustrating than a nonfunctioning boiler on a cold day.

    Fortunately, noticeable changes in boiler performance precede most mechanical failures.

    If you notice a change in boiler performance such as new noises, smells,

    rising stack temperatures or continually resetting safety devices,

    My Boiler Won’t Work Help!

    call your Gas Safe Engineer for help.

    Although unexpected mechanical failures do occur, it is likely that

    one of the safety or operational devices is preventing your boiler from starting.

    Most safety devices have manual reset buttons that need to be reset before

    the operation can continue. Continual resetting of safety devicesis an indication of unsafe operating conditions.

    Prompt attention by your gas safe  technician is required.

    Locate all devices that can prevent your boiler from starting to include:

    Burner controller:

    The controller is usually located in front of the boiler.

    On a call for heat, the controller starts a sequence of events that

    ensure safe operation before the burner is allowed to start.

    The controller continues to monitor burner operation while the boiler is running.

    If for any reason the controller senses an unsafe operating

    condition it will shut the burner off.

    Pushing the manual reset on the controller will often restart the boiler.

    High pressure or temperature switch:

    This device is a safety backup to the “operator” control. It has a manual reset which when pressed to start the boiler indicates that the “operator” control has failed.

    Gaspressure switches on the fuel train: The natural gas fuel train usually has two pressure switches.

    The low pressure switch locks out the boiler when too little gas is available for operation.

    The high pressure switch locks out the boiler when the regulator is allowing too high a gas pressure. Both switches have a manual reset.

    Low water cutoff: The low water cutoff may have a manual reset. When reset indicates a low water condition existed in the boiler.

    Other devices that may prevent the heating from starting:

    Time clocks programmer : – Time clocks or other energy management devices may restrict  operation during weekends, evenings or other times of the day. Check they’re operating schedule.

    Outdoor temperature limits: – These devices sense outdoor temperatures and prevent boiler operation above certain outdoor temperatures, usually 70 degrees.

    If resetting these devices does not start your boiler call your gas safe professional for assistance.

    Reminder: Do not bypass any safety devices in an effort to start your boiler.

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