• Mobile Home LPG Service

  • Mobile Home LPG Service from Duval Heating

    Owning a mobile home is no different in maintaining than your everyday home.

    Everything is the same the only difference, is the gas supply is LPG. ( Bottle Gas )

    If you have a water heater or boiler installed in your mobile home it should be serviced every year.

    Even if it is used for only a couple of months a year.

    The main reason is safety.

    With our mobile home LPG service, we can carry out all the necessary gas safety checks for you.

    This will ensure everything is working as it should be. 

    But most importantly is SAFE to use.

    Gas appliances if not used for some time, can cause more problems when you start to use them again, than if used all the time.

    Have you ever not use a water tap for say 6 months?

    Then when you want to use it. it’s stuck and won’t let the water through.

    Gas appliances are the same, they should be used more often than not, so maintenance is very important.

    We have changed a lot of the old Morco water heaters over for new versions, they were costly to run as well as old.

    Just by having the pilot on all the time, it was wasting energy and money.

    The new water heaters we install have no permanent pilots, the water heater will ignite as and when you need the hot water.

    Once the hot water is no longer required the water heater shuts down.

    Our service is a full-on mobile home LPG service.

    Anything to do with the gas and gas appliances we can advise you on.

    If your mobile home is sited on a park, you will know most now require that you produce a Gas Safety certificate every 12 months.

    This ensures your mobile home is safe to use and is not a danger to other mobile home users.

    If you rent your mobile home out at any time, you will require a Landlords Gas Safety Inspection certificate as well.

    We can carry out a Gas Safety Inspection on your mobile home or caravan.