• Mobile Home Gas Installation
    Mobile Home Gas Installation Aerial view

    When you buy a new or second-hand mobile home and have it sited.

    One of the first things you need to get done is connecting up the water, gas and electric supplies.

    The mobile home gas installation involves supplying either LPG gas bottles or a storage tank.

    Once the gas bottles or tank are present, we move on to connection of the gas supply.

    Connecting the gas bottles is done via a changeover valve.

    This could be either a 2 hose or 4 hose connection.

    Most of the time the changeover valve comes with the mobile home, but if not, then a new one is required.

    The changeover over gas outlet pipe is then connected to the mobile gas pipe.

    Connecting the gas supply from the storage tank is a little more simple.

    A gas pipe is run from the tank over to the mobile home. The pipe will be fitted with an isolation valve on the side on the mobile.

    From the isolation valve outlet side, a new pipe is connected and then connected to the mobile gas pipe.

    Now the gas supply is connected, we need to carry out some safety checks.

    The first one is called a tightness test. This is to prove there are no gas leaks present.

    Once the gas test has proved ok, we now need to check all of the gas appliances installed within the mobile home.

    Most mobiles with have some form of gas water heater, this could be a standard Morco water heater or a combination boiler that will heat the water as well as heating through radiators.

    We need to ensure that the water heater is safe to use, this involves checking the flue is working as it should be, and removing the products of combustion safely.

    Ensuring that it is installed to gas regulations and safe to use.

    Gas fires are normally installed in mobile homes, many different makes and models, but just like the water heater has to be safety checked.

    Again, checking the flue and flue terminal is in good working order. Also installed to regulations.

    Now we move on to cooking, it could be a gas hob and electric oven, or a gas cooker.

    All gas appliances should be checked and certified before use.

    The Mobile home gas installation is not just about connecting up the gas supply. It’s all about SAFETY.

    The same goes for water and electric connections.

    When searching for mobile home gas installation, make sure that you search for a Gas Safe Registered LPG engineer or company.

    Always remember, that safety must come first and be your number one probity.