• LPG Vaillant Boilers

  • LPG Vaillant Boilers

    Vaillant boilers are a well know brand, known for reliability as well as the quality. 

    Like many brands of boiler, they also produce LPG versions.

    They are no different from the natural gas versions.

    Just that they use LPG as a source of fuel instead of natural gas, to produce the hot water and heating.

    LPG Vaillant boilers are not normally kept in stock by the smaller boiler merchants, due to them not being as popular as the natural gas versions.

    If you place an order with the boiler merchant for a Vaillant LPG boiler they normally take a day or two to arrive.

    LPG boilers, in general, are used in mobile homes, properties that are not connected to the main gas supply.

    Vaillant LPG boilers range is a 28kw combination boiler, a 30kw system boiler and 25kw heat only boiler.

    Servicing and repairs of the LPG boilers are the same as natural gas versions. The only difference is the gas pressure.

    Natural gas boilers work on 20mb of gas pressure, whereas LPG boilers work on 37bm pressure.

    As you can see, the gas pressure is nearly double that of natural gas.

    When you are ready to replace your existing LPG boiler you must ensure that the boiler installer is LPG registered.

    Just because he is gas safe registered, it does not always mean he can work on LPG boilers.

    Every gas engineer carries a gas safe card with details of the gas appliances he can work on, this includes LPG,

    Be sure sure to check.

    Always check the gas safe register to check your boiler engineer is registered to work on LPG.