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    LPG Registered Plumbers
    LPGRegistered Plumbers Near Me, Located in Ipswich Suffolk.

    If so you should visit the Gas Safe Register which is where all gas registered plumbers are registered.

    Once on the register, you enter your postal code, push the search button, wait for a second or two, then a list of local registered plumbers will show up.

    Choose, at least two from the list and make contact with them.

    You will see all their contact details and address.

    Tips to check before hiring a gas registered plumber near me.

    First, what type of gas appliance needs working on, boiler, fire, water heater, cooker or hob on so on.

    While on the Gas Safe Register, you can also check the plumber’s qualifications.

    For example, you need your cooker replaced, check to see if your chosen plumber is qualified to work on gas cookers.

    You may want your mobile home water heater replaced, so check for this too.

    Another check that is a must is the gas type you use I’ll explain.

    The majority will be registered for natural gas only.

    In the United Kingdom, we mainly use two types of gas, LPG and natural gas.

    If you use LPG (liquid petroleum gas) for your appliances IE, (in a mobile home), you will need someone who is also registered to work with LPG.

    Not all gas safe registered plumbers can work on LPG, so ensure to check this as well.

    Now you have arranged for a visit there are a couple of more checks you should do when they arrive.

    All gas safe registered plumbers must, by law carry an identification card with them all the times.

    Ask to see this card if they tell you they have not got it with them you should ask them to leave until they can produce it.

    This card has the details of the plumber who is showing you his card. It will have a photo on the front, check to ensure the photo matches.

    If the photo is different, ask them to leave because it is not their card.

    On the front of this card are two numbers, the first one is the plumber’s registration number, the other being a personal licence number.

    The plumber may work for a large company that uses the companies gas safe registration number, but the licence number will be different.

    Gas registered plumbers near me who work for a company and use the companies registration can only carry out work through the company.

    If they carry out any gas work, that’s not come through the company this is classed, as, working illegally.

    Which, could result in a prosecution for the plumber.

    Next, check the expiry date of the card, these cards renewed every year, so a card that is out of date is not valid.

    Now turn the card over, you will see all the different types of gas appliances that the plumber is allowed to work with, make sure you check this.

    As a gas user, it’s your responsibility by law to ensure the person working on your gas appliance/s is registered.

    To check a gas registered plumber near me, you can enter their licence number on the gas register which should correspond with their card.

    If you have any doubt about your plumber, contact the gas register.

    They have a freephone number which at the bottom of their webpage. 

    It’s always a good idea to check a few other LPG registered plumbers on the Gas Safe Register.

    It gives you a better idea of what to expect from your plumber as well as comparing the costs involved.

    And finally, SAFETY, SAFETY the most important, part of any gas works.

    Now your gas work has been completed you will receive a gas certificate.

    The certificate will give details of what appliances checked over, as well as any faults found.

    Also on the certificate will be details of a tightness test, this is a test to prove no gas leaks are present.

    We hope you found this article helpful in your search for LPG registered plumbers.