• Electric or LPG hob.

    LPG Hob
    LPG hob conversions, arranger for an engineer to visit for you installation.

    Living in rural areas has its advantages, away from the hustle and bustle of towns, just living a quiet life.

    The disadvantage though, is most rural areas are not connected to the main gas supply.

    So, when it comes to cooking the family meal, it is normally done on electric appliances.

    But there is an option, let me explain.

    You can replace your electric hob with an LPG hob, it is normally a straightforward job to convert over.

    First, you need to contact a local LPG gas engineer.

    You will be able to find their details on the gas safe register online.

    Make an appointment with him to visit your property.

    Discuss your plans, tell him your thinking about an LPG hob, if it is possible to convert over.

    The first thing he will do when he arrives is to check to see if you have a suitable location to store the gas bottles.

    It will need to comply with current gas and building regulation.

    But most properties will have a suitable area somewhere.

    He will be able to explain everything you need to know re-installing your new gas hob.

    Now the gas bottle location has been settled, he will determine the gas supply pipe route across to your new hob.

    Once the route has been determined, he will be able to give you a full cost of installation.

    He will supply the changeover valve needed that connects to the gas bottles, and all the pipework and fittings required.

    The normal process is you the customer will supply the new gas hob that is suitable for your kitchen.

    Most gas hobs come ready to install on the mains natural gas supply, but don’t worry that’s not a problem.

    Just ensure when purchasing your new hob that it can be converted to LPG, most can.

    Most gas hob makers in the UK supply a conversion kit as standard, this consists of a set of jets which will work with LPG.

    They just need to change over, and you are ready to go.

    Gas hobs come in many shapes and sizes.

    You should be able to find one to fit into your old electric hob space.

    Once you have purchased your new gas hob arrange with the gas engineer a date and time to have it installed.

    He will advise you to contact a local gas supplier who can supply you with two small gas bottles ready for the installation.

    The installation process does not normally take that long.

    This will depend on the gas pipe route, how far the hob is away from the bottles but should be completed within a day.

    When all the work is completed, the gas engineer will carry out a gas tightness test to ensure no gas leaks are present.

    He will then issue you with a certificate of installation, this confirms the installation complies with all the regulations.

    You can now start to enjoy cooking with your new LPG hob.