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  • LPG Hob Problems.
Simple fix if you know how.
    LPG Hob Problems

    Living in a mobile home either full time or for casual use in the summer is great.

    But just like any property needs maintenance carried out.

    For some reason maintenance on mobile homes tends to get forgotten.

    One of the most common problems we come across is LPG hob problems.

    The burners don’t light, or only a small flame once ignited.

    Every LPG hob just like the natural gas hobs needs inspecting it’s a simple thing to do.

    It’s about cleaning the LPG hob if a saucepan boils over most people will clean up after.

    Most will clean the surface, but some of the spillovers may get into the burner which most of the time never gets cleaned.

    If you lift the burner off and look inside the cavity, you will probably see a buildup of fats and grease.

    The fat and grease will eventually start blocking the gas jet once this happens, you will notice the burner flame not burning as it did before.

    In some situations, it could become dangerous always ensure any burners not working correctly are switched off, for safety.

    One of the best options is to have an annual gas safety inspection carried out.

    Ensure when you make a booking for the safety inspection, the engineer is Gas Safe Registered for LPG appliances.

    The safety inspection involves checking all of your gas appliances, fires, water heaters, boilers and all gas cooking appliances even, gas fridges.

    He will also check all rubber gas hoses are in date as well as any regulators.

    Gas hoses need replacing every five years, while regulators every ten.

    Hoses and regulators always get overlooked, how safe is yours?

    He will also perform a gas tightness test, this will tell him if your gas pipes are safe and no leakage is present.

    Another common problem we come across quite often is the occupier has changed the LPG hob over for a new model.

    But didn’t realise it needed to be converted, to work on LPG.

    When asked about the high flame, he said oh, we turn it down to a low flame it’s so dangerous though!

    Most hobs purchased in the United Kingdon, are built to work on natural gas and not LPG.

    The installation package that comes with the hob should have a set of LPG jets included.

    They need to be changed over for the hob to work on LPG.

    The difference in the jets is the small hole in the middle.

    LPG jets have a smaller hole than natural gas jets as the gas pressure is higher.

    Any problems found will be recorded on a Gas Safety Inspection Certificate.

    The engineer will give you a copy on completion of the inspection.

    It’s always a good idea to make the engineer a coffee and discuss any problems found with your gas appliances.

    The most common problem being the LPG hob ask if while drinking his coffee if he could rectify the fault for you.

    You may find he will fix the problem free of charge as you made him a coffee.

    LPG hobs and any gas appliances should always be inspected, for safety reasons.

    All gas appliance can be dangerous when left unchecked.

    It’s not until something happens that people realise how dangerous gas is.

    We hope you found this article useful in your search for LPG Hob problems.

    To find an LPG Gas Safe Registered Engineer, do a search on Google or whatever search engine you use for Gas Safe Register.

    Follow the simple instruction on the website.

    Enter your postcode, and you should get the details of three local engineers close to you.

    You will also find a contact number on the site should you wish to call.