• Where to start when you need a new LPG boiler, cooker or fire can be very daunting at times.

    By replacing your old inefficient boiler though, could reduce up to 30% from your annual gas bill which is quite a saving.

    How do you find an LPG Gas Safe Engineer who could install it for you?


    Follow these simple steps that are provided by Gas Safe.

    Gas Safe is the official register for all gas engineers, both LPG and Natural gas.

    They can advise you get the right LPG appliance for your home, mobile home or boat.

    Put you in touch with a local LPG Gas Safe Engineer and ensure everything is installed safely and legally.

    You will be able to find a registered engineer on the gas safe register.

    Another option is to call 0800 408 5500.

    When you are searching the gas safe register ensure you search for an LPG engineer.

    You may find an engineer who is local to you but only qualified to work on natural gas and not LPG.

    Once you find an LPG Gas Safe Registered engineer, arrange for him to call.

    Explain what you want doing and ask for his personal advise.

    Be very clear about the type of work you need and the total costs involved.

    Ask him for a written quotation as well as his terms and conditions.

    Ask him to show proof of the business public liability insurance.

    Before work starts 

    Every gas engineer carries a Gas Safe Register identity card with them. 

    Before any work is started always make sure you ask to see their ID card.

    If they cannot show you the card you need to ask them to leave until they can produce their card.

    Gas regulations state that all registered gas engineers carry the card with them while working.

    On completion of the work

    Ensure any required commissioning documents have been completed by the gas engineer.

    All new gas boilers are supplied with a benchmark book, this book is classed as a legal document and must be filled in, signed and dated by the installer. 

    It is also used to register the annual boiler service, the boilermakers will need to see it if you make a claim under the warranty.

    Benchmark is the nationally-recognised Scheme that places responsibilities on both manufacturers and engineers.

    This ensures best practice in the installation, commissioning and servicing on the appliance.

    Make sure you ask the engineer about the length of warranty for your new LPG Appliance.

    When a new gas appliance (excluding flueless cookers) has been installed, Building Regulations in England and Wales require that the installation be notified to your Local Authority. 

    Your LPG gas safe engineer will do this online through the gas safe register. Similar requirements exist in Isle of Man and Guernsey.

    Ensure all the work has been completed to your agreed specifications and you are totally happy with it.

    Don’t forget though all of your gas appliances, this includes your gas boiler, gas cooker and gas fire should be inspected once a year for safety.

    The boiler serviced regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions by an LPG Gas Safe registered engineer.