• Simple to use and work the same as natural gas fires.

    The only difference being the gas they use.

    Living in rural areas where there is no mains gas connected to the property does not mean you cannot have a gas fire installed.

    There is a large range of gas fires that you can choose from for your property.

    Most natural gas fires can be either bought in LPG or converted over from natural gas to LPG.

    If you are in the market for a gas fire but are worried because you have no flue (chimney) as well as no gas supply, don’t worry because there is always an option.

    There is a range of flueless gas fires to choose from.

    The only difference from a normal gas fire is you will need plenty of ventilation to the outside with a flueless fire. 

    The fire will also need regular servicing to keep it working efficiently as well as safe.

    When the fire is working the products of combustion go through a catalytic converter, much like a car’s exhaust.

    It removes the harmful gas’s from the products of combustion.

    They can be a little on the expensive side, but if you want a gas fire installed and have no flue, then this is an option you have.

    Should your property already have a flue, then you can have a normal type of gas fire installed.

    Another option is the balanced flue gas fire.

    So long as the wall the fire is to be installed on, is an outside wall, then the flue can go straight through the wall.

    With LPG gas fires you have many options to choose from

    Now on to the gas supply.

    All that is required is an LPG changeover valve and 2 LPG gas bottles.

    The best advice I can give is to contact a registered LPG gas fires installer.

    He will be able to advise you on the best place to locate the gas bottles, as well as the type of gas fire you can have.

    He will work out a route for the gas pipe from the bottles across to the gas fire location.

    The most important information I can give you is to make sure you don’t try and install the gas fire yourself.

    The gas regulations in the United Kingdom are very stringent.

    should you decide to install yourself, then you will find your home insurance becomes void.

    LPG is a very heavy gas, it drops to the ground, whereas natural gas floats.

    Having a gas leak could cause serious damage and injury.

    Using a gas safe registered engineer to install your gas fire is the best way.

    He will produce a certificate on completion of the work.

    Keep this certificate safe, it’s classed as a legal document.

    So you see, LPG gas fires can be installed almost anywhere.