• LPG Conversions

  • LPG Conversions
    LPG Conversions converting from natural gas to LPG

    Living in rural areas can sometimes present problems if you are not connected to the main gas grid

    To heat your home you may use oil, electric, even wood burners, but there is another option.

    You could use LPG, otherwise know as liquid petroleum gas.

    We carry out a lot of LPG conversions, where we convert the home heating from oil over to LPG.

    It’s a lot cleaner to use, better for the environment as well as cheaper.

    The LPG conversions normally involve changing the boiler over from oil to gas.

    Replacing the oil storage tank with a new LPG storage tank.

    If you cannot have a gas storage tank, you have an option of a set of gas bottles. Normally for a boiler, this would be a set of four bottles.

    Many people like to cook on gas these days, it’s easier to control than electric, so what are the options?

    You can buy a new natural gas cooker or hob, but make sure when purchasing you ask the salesperson if the appliance can be converted over to LPG.
    If so, make sure the conversion kit is supplied with the new appliance.

    Your old cooking appliance can be removed, and replace with the new gas version.

    All you need now is someone Gas Safe Registered for LPG, to run a new gas supply line from the outside of your property into your new gas appliance.

    The new appliance now needs to be converted over from natural gas to LPG.
    That’s why you need the LPG conversions kit.

    Now all has been completed the appliance can be connected up to the new gas supply.

    The gas supply and new appliance now need to be safety checked.

    This is to ensure that the supply and appliance are safe to use.

    Your engineer should produce a gas safety certificate as proof everything is up to current gas and safety regulations.

    LPG conversions are a better way than oil and electric to cook on as well as heating your home.

    If you are interested in converting over from your current fuel to LPG, then why not use our contact page to arrange for one of our engineers to call and discuss your needs.