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  • LPG Changeover Valve
    LPG Changeover Valve

    The LPG Changeover Valve Controls Your Flow Of Gas.

    The changeover valve regulates the supply of gas to your appliances. 

    LPG is a high-pressure gas and needs to be restricted down to 37mb pressure.

    Most LPG appliances work on 37mb for propane, 30mb for butane.

    If the gas supply was not restricted you would not be able to control the flame of the appliance.

    There are many types of changeover valves to choose from.

    Some are very cheap, some very expensive, but you only get what you pay for.

    The LPG changeover valve is a very important part, 

    some can control overpressure of gas, which is called, OPSO.

    The more expensive valves come with an opso built-in. 

    This stops too much gas entering the main supply.

    They normally have a reset button located at the back of the valve, Which needs resetting if overpressure is sensed.

    The changeover valve comes in two different models, manual and auto.

    This means with the manual valve you have to change over the gas supply from one bottle to another.

    The auto version does this automatically. 

    Most valves also have a small window that tells you what bottle is supplying the gas.

    When it comes to gas, be it natural or LPG, always ensure you use a gas safe registered engineer to work on your gas supply and appliances.

    Gas can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. 

    Just because someone tells you they can carry out any work you require for a much cheaper rate than a Profesional, remember it could cost a life.

    Be safe and only use gas safe engineers. 

    We can supply and install a new LPG changeover valve for you if you live in Suffolk or Essex.

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