• LPG Boiler Service and Repair

  • Here at Duval Heating, we offer a full LPG Boiler Repair and Service.

    Gas Safe Registered to work on all domestic LPG and natural gas appliances.

    If you own a burger van or shop that uses LPG, you need to find someone who is commercially registered. Check with the gas safe register for more information.

    LPG is often used if your home is not connected to the national gas grid.

    All gas appliances work the same way as natural gas.

    The only difference is LPG works at a higher pressure to natural gas, in fact, it’s nearly double.

    Should your boiler require a repair or service, then you need to find a gas safe registered company that can work on LPG.

    Just because a person or company are registered with gas safe, it does not mean they can work on LPG.

    Always check the engineers gas safe card.

    The card will tell you what appliances he can work on, as well as which gases.

    If you own a mobile home, you will have either a boiler or water heater installed, normally in one of the many cupboards.

    These tend to get overlooked for the annual service, maybe because the mobile is only used for a few months of the year.

    But the truth is, they should be serviced every year.

    They never are until something happens like a breakdown.

    Part of the service is a safety check, this ensures the appliance is safe to use.

    Safety is a very important part of the service, let me explain.

    As we all know carbon monoxide is a killer, you cannot see it, you cannot even smell it.

    But appliances may be leaking carbon monoxide into the room due to a blocked or broken flue.

    You would never notice it unless you have a detector installed, which is always advisable.

    When we are called into an LPG boiler repair and service, the first thing we do before anything is to check the appliance flue.

    We make sure it’s not corroded, check that it is supported correctly as well as the termination point.

    All boilers installed these days, are what you call condensing boilers.

    They are designed to be better for the environment as well as economical to use.

    The condense they produce may look like normal water, but in fact, it is acidic.

    It will eat its way through almost anything other than plastic.

    Should one of the flue seals fail, it could make the flue become unsafe, but you would never know until something bad happens.

    So make sure you have your appliances checked every year, it could save your life.