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  • LPG Boiler Engineer
    LPG Boiler Engineer for Suffolk and Essex

    LPG Boiler Engineer in Suffolk

    Our LPG engineer works on the principle that ‘Prevention is better than cure.

    Damaged boilers can be expensive to repair, but by having an annual LPG boiler service, it should help prevent you from facing a big bill.

    Faulty boilers aren’t just an inconvenience but, they potentially could be dangerous.

    This is why a regular annual boiler service by Duval Heating.

    Registered LPG GAS SAFE engineers are the best way to ensure the safety of you and your family and friends.

    Don’t forget, not all gas safe boiler engineers are registered to work on LPG boilers.

    All gas engineers carry a gas safe card with them, you should ask to see it.
    The card will tell you what they can work on.

    They may only be able to work on only natural gas boilers, so it’s always best to double-check the boiler engineer on the gas safe register.

    It’s as simple to check to do, go to the gas safe register, enter the boiler engineers details.

    You will then be able to see what he is registered to work on.

    If you are not sure, give them a call you will see a contact number on the site.

    It’s your responsibility as a gas user to ensure the engineer working for you is registered for the correct appliances and gas.

    Failure to check could result in a big penalty if the engineer is not registered for the correct appliances and gas.

    Our LPG boiler engineer is registered to work on all domestic LPG and natural gas domestic appliances.

    This includes your normal home, boats and mobile homes.

    Before any gas work is carried the LPG boiler engineer will test the gas first to ensure no leakage is present.

    This is called a tightness test, once all the work is completed, he will check the gas again.

    He will then issues a gas safety certificate.

    If you would like our LPG boiler engineer to call on you.
    Please use our contact form above, enter your details and we will call you back.