• Low Water Pressure Tips

    Low water pressure

    is quite a common problem especially in the London area but there are ways around it.

    One of the ways is to fit a booster pump to your hot and cold plumbing.

    This way you can increase the flow of water to your taps.

    Another way is if you have high pressure at the cold kitchen tap, then this means you’re incoming water main is very good,

    you can then convert your plumbing to high pressure, and forget about having low water pressure.

    If you incoming water main supply also has low water pressure then now you can fit a mains water booster pump.

    This is still quite new to the UK and the results seem to be quite good.

    Not so long ago you could not fit any sort of pump to the incoming water mains supply.

    The cheapest way around low water pressure by installing a booster pump, there are many on the market to choose from. You need the right one for your property.

    Before you consider fitting a booster pump you have to make sure it’s suitable.

    The first thing you need to do is check the cold water storage tank is big enough, because if you fit a booster pump that is too big you could run out of the water and cause airlocks once the tank has refilled.

    The most common size tank will hold around 50 / 75 gallons of water,

    if you fit a 4 bar pump to the hot and cold supplies you will empty the tank in no time, so the tank size is very important. The normal size pump again this depends on the property is normally around 2 bar.

    Next how fast does the tank refill, if the water mains pressure at the tank is very good then you should be ok, if not then you will need to increase the size of the tank?

    You can do this by adding another tank of the same size and linking them together giving you twice as much stored water.

    When looking at pumps be sure to look at the right type of pump, ask your local plumbers merchants for advice.

    You can buy booster pumps for showers and if you fit one of these to the hot and cold plumbing, it will work but it won’t last long.

    These pumps are a lot cheaper to buy but are only designed for showers.

    You will be changing it every 6 months if you fit one of these.

    Another way to increase low water pressure is by converting to a pressurised system, again this all depends on the pressure of the incoming water mains.

    With good incoming pressure, you have a couple of options to choose from.

    One is by installing an unvented hot water tank and converting the cold supply to the main pressure.

    This involves removing your hot water cylinder and replacing it with an unvented tank.

    If you wanted to take this option then you are looking for incoming water pressure of around 2 bar.

    When fitting an unvented tank they are supplied with a pressure reducing valve that is present.

    The incoming water goes into one end and the tank supply comes out the other end, you can also connect the cold supply to the taps into the valve.

    This way you will have equal pressure at the taps.

    Next, we move on to another option, and that is by fitting a combination boiler to your heating system, but this is not recommended if you have more than two bathrooms.

    The reason being they can only produce so much hot water at a time, and depending on the model is from around 9 litres per minutes up to 16.5 litres.

    Again this all depends on the incoming water pressure.

    Fitting a combination boiler is probably the most expensive option to choose if you want to improve the low water pressure problem, but you are also upgrading your central heating system at the same time.

    With this option, you are not storing any hot water as it only heats up as you demand it.

    It’s also the cheapest option for running costs, as you are only paying as and when you need it.

    There are a few more options to choose from to increase the low water pressure, but like most of these options, it will all depend on the incoming water mains pressure.

    If you have low water pressure on the mains supply, then it may be advisable to contact your local water supplier to see if they can increase your water pressure.

    They may advise you that the pressure is very good in your area and you may need to change the incoming pipe to a bigger size.

    If you have the old style pipe either lead or iron then you will benefit if you upgrade to a larger pipe and made of plastic.

    If you have problems with low water pressure and interested in finding out more on how to improve your low water pressure, then enter your details in the box…