• A  Look At Landlord Gas Safety Records

    What does the landlord gas safety records check involve?

    What are the landlord’s responsibilities, and what checks must be carried out and recorded by the gas safe registered engineer?

    When does a landlords gas safety check need to be carried out?

    A gas safety check must be carried out at least every 12 months on every relevant gas appliance and relevant chimney and flue owned by the landlord and provided for the use of the Tennant.

    For new appliances, an annual inspection must be carried out within 12 months of the installation.

    When tenants leave a property the landlord must ensure that the gas appliances and fitting are safe before renting out to new tenants. This is very important as the old tenants may have caused damage or removed appliances and left gas pipes open and not capped off.

    This sometimes happens when a landlord ends the tenancy early due to problems with the Tennant. A new a gas safe inspection has to be carried out to make sure all is safe.

    The landlord gas safety inspection includes the following

    • Visual inspection of all gas appliances
    • The location of the appliance
    • The flue and terminals and the flue route
    • Check for signs of incomplete combustion
    • Any casing and combustion chamber seals
    • The location of the gas meter and emergency control valve, also the correct labelling for emergency
    • The appliances burner pressure or gas rate
    • The combustion gas analysis was specified in the manufacturers servicing and maintenance instructions
    • Ventilation is another very important check to be made, making sure it is of the correct size.
    • Flue flow and spillage tests for the correct flow of the flue
    • Check all flame supervision devices and other safety devices are working correctly
    • Then a gas tightness test of the whole system

    A landlord gas safety records inspection must contain the following

    • The description of all the appliances and location and flue check details
    • The operating gas pressure of the appliances
    • Details of any defects found
    • The name and address of the property
    • The name and address of the landlord or agent
    • The date on which the inspection was carried out
    • The gas safe engineers details including gas safe number.

    Once complete a certificate is issued and has to be signed and dated by the engineer

    Once the landlords gas inspection is complete the landlord will receive two copies of the certificate one for his records and the other for the Tennant.

    What best describes a landlord

    A landlord is someone who offers accommodation to rent, be it for one day or one year.
    This includes local councils, housing associations, private individuals, managing agents the list goes on.

    Even if you own a property that you let your friend or family live in for free. All of the above falls into the landlords gas safety inspection check that has to be carried out each year.

    If you are a Tennant and you do not have a copy of the most recent landlord gas safety inspection certificate, then you need to contact the landlord or agent and ask for a copy, this is your right.

    Landlord Certificates come in paper and electronic form, but it’s advisable to have a copy in paper form.

    If a landlord refuses to carry out the annual gas safety inspection you should report him to the health and safety or the gas safe register. It’s your safety at risk. Most landlords have a regular check, but there are some that just refuse to have the checks carried out because they are greedy and refuse to pay out. Some even try to reuse old copies and change the dates. If you fill your landlord is not carrying out his duty to protect you, or you are suspicious of anything then you need to report him. It could save your life.

    If you would like to know more about landlord gas safety records, just fill in the form below with your contact details and request a callback.