• Ideal Logic Plus Combination boiler

  • Ideal Boilers is a UK boiler manufacturer that has been around for many years.

    They can produce around 6,000 gas boilers each week, the Ideal Logic Plus combination boiler being one of the most popular from their whole range.

    The Ideal Logic Plus range comes with a no-hassle 7-year warranty.

    To claim the warranty the gas safe installer must register the boiler online with Ideal.

    If not registered the warranty be be void.

    It’s A-rated, ErP compliant and offers around 91% efficiency, which is one of the top efficiencies rated boilers around today.

    Ideal Logic Plus Combination boiler

    Whether you are looking at an Ideal, Baxi, Vaillant, or even Vokera boiler reviews, all boilers are compared with a Worcester.

    Why I am not sure anymore.

    Worcester boilers use to be the boiler to beat, but not anymore.

    Logic Plus Combination Boiler features

    A Backlit display with easy to see pressure gauge.

    Built-in service indicator never misses the boiler service again.

    Less mechanical parts for extra reliability (using top branded components such as Honeywell) •

    Compatible with a huge range of external controls. •

    Frost protection built in that reduces the probability of a breakdown.

    Suitable Property Size

    Ideal Logic Plus combination boiler 30kw is suitable for most mid-range properties.

    We are talking about 3-4 bedrooms with 1-2 bathrooms with not an excessive demand for the hot water (i.e. not 2 showers and tap on at once).

    It does not matter what make and model of combination boiler you choose, you can only really use one hot outlet at a time.

    Take it from me as an installer of many years, you hear the feedback from our clients.

    Smaller properties (flats) are going to be best suited to the Ideal Logic Plus 24kw boiler but I would always advise the 30Kw if possible.

    The reason being better hot water flow rate.

    Some of the larger properties would be more suited to the Ideal Logic Plus 35kw version.

    All Combination boilers heat hot water on demand, that’s why the output is extremely important.

    Talk to your boiler engineer if you are unsure which size is suitable for your property.

    If your property has more than 2 bathrooms or excessive demand for hot water, you’ll likely need either the Logic Plus 35kw combination or system boiler.

    For anyone with 2 bathrooms or more, we would always suggest the system boiler that connects to an unvented hot water cylinder.

    Flues and Flue Accessories

    As all boiler makes, vertical and horizontal flues are available from Ideal boilers.

    If the flue is likely to be close to a neighbours’ (or your own) wall or window.

    Ideal’s plume management kit will allow the installer to extend the flue to within the correct regulations.

    The Specifications

    For the 30kw Ideal Logic Plus combination boiler, the most important specifications are as follows:

    • 30.3kw out to the domestic hot water.
    • 24.2kw into the central heating
    • 12.4L of hot water per minute
    • Both the Logic 30kw & 35kw can be converted to LPG but not the 24Kw.
    • The Ideal Logic Plus 30 boilers will fit into a standard kitchen cupboard.

    All in all, the Ideal Logic plus combination boiler is not a bad boiler, the earlier version had teething problems, but like any boiler, an annual service is a must.

    Lots of people seem to think that because they have a long warranty, they don’t need an annual service, WRONG.

    An annual service will keep your warranty valid, no service, no warranty.

    Speak to your Gas Safe engineer regarding your choice of boiler, he will be able to explain everything good for your property.