• Mobile homes can be a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

    But how safe is your mobile home to use?

    When did you last have it checked for safety?

    If I had to guess I would say when you purchased it.

    Probably the first and last time it was checked for safety.

    Most mobile homes will have a water heater or boiler installed that runs on gas to heat the water and heating.

    How Safe is Your Mobile Home?
    How Safe is Your Mobile Home?

    The gas supply most of the time will be LPG (Liquid petroleum gas) on the rare occasions it may be natural gas.

    Your mobile home may also have a gas fire installed and some form of gas cooking appliance.

    All these gas appliances have the potential to go wrong, even become a danger to you.

    Gas bottles will supply the gas for all your appliances.

    These gas bottles connect to a changeover valve, which connects to the supply pipe.

    Most changeover valves will automatically change from one bottle to the other when empty.

    All the gas appliances, the changeover valve and any hose pipes should have a safety check at least once a year.

    Safety checks ensure that your gas appliances are safe to use and not a danger to life.

    What could happen?

    Gas appliances when working produce products of combustion, just like the exhaust on a car.

    These products of combustion need to disperse safely to the outside atmosphere.

    Boilers, water heaters and fires disperse these products through a flue.

    Gas cooking appliances rely on the natural draft to remove the products of combustion.

    You may notice your mobile home has many air vents close to all gas appliances.

    These vents are there for a reason, never block these vents up.

    So again I ask, How safe is your mobile home?

    If your answer is yes, it’s safe, then I congratulate you on keeping your mobile home safe.

    You are only one in ten who understands that gas appliances can be a danger to life if not checked.

    If your answer is I am not sure, I understand, but surely the safety of your family must come first.

    Here are a couple of safety issues that, if left unresolved, could be potentially life-threatening to your family.

    Carbon monoxide is the main danger to you and your family you cannot see it even smell it, now is the time to install a CO detector in the mobile home.

    Gas leaks this is another common safety issue, internally you may smell it, but externally no.

    Both of the above would get picked up with a safety inspection.

    We hear so many times that we only use the mobile for a few months of the year, so surely it will be safe.

    No, this is not true, gas appliance when not being used for some time could become dangerous.

    Whenever you leave your mobile home for long periods before you use your gas appliances, have a safety inspection first.

    To sum up, Safety, Safety, Safety.