• Greenstar 30i Combination Boiler

  • Boiler details

    This Worcester Greenstar 30i is a very reliable condensing combination gas boiler.

    Designed and manufactured by Worcester that comes with a variety of features that includes (LPG and natural gas)

    Worcester Greenstar 30i Combination Boiler

    Should you have a Greenstar 30I combination boiler?

    These Greenstar 30i combination boilers are one of Worcester most popular boilers.

    They feature instant hot water and will fill a standard kitchen sink in around 50 seconds. 

    Is my home suitable for is this boiler? 

    The output rating of 30 kW makes this Worcester Greenstar 30i the perfect choice for the bigger homes.

    The efficiency rating of this boiler? 

    This combination boiler features an ErP (Energy Related Product directive) rating of A for both heating and hot water.

    This is thanks to its high heating efficiency of 94% with a flow rate of up to 12.3 litres a minute. 

    When connected to a Wave Smart thermostat, this Worcester Greenstar 30i can achieve an A+ ErP rating. 

    Will the 30kw output suit my home? 

    This boiler features a 30kW output rating. it is suitable for those bigger homes with more than one bathroom.

    Will a combination boiler be suitable for my home? 

    Combination boilers are good for smaller homes or properties where space may be limited.

    They don’t require an external cold water tank or hot water tank. 

    Will supply all the hot water you need direct from the incoming water mains supply

    What features does this unit have? 

    Worcester Bosch has included some features and benefits within this Greenstar 30i.

    This includes a more simple boiler control with clear information that gives you maximum control over the boiler,

    New condensate discharge resilient to freezing up to -15°C 

    Ultra-low energy pump reducing  electrical usage, 

    Frost protection is standard – so you can be sure your boiler won’t let you down in the cold winter months – 

    Other features include a choice of controls that enables greater comfort and economy, helping to cut your energy bills. 

    What other versions on this boiler are there? 

    As well as the 30 kW combination boiler, these boilers are also available with a 25 kW output rating. 

    In my opinion, you will always be better choosing the higher output boiler, the main reason is the hot water flow rate.

    Where can this boiler be installed? 

    These are compact wall-mounted boilers that will save you some much-needed space in the property. 

    How long is the warranty period? 

    The standard Worcester Greenstar 30i combination boiler comes with a 5-year warranty.

    The warranty can be increased to 7 years when installed by a Worcester accredited boiler installer. 

    To keep the warranty valid, you’ll need to ensure the boiler is serviced annually

    Each boiler comes with a benchmark book, this is used to record the boiler installation details, as records of the annual service.

    Should you miss the annual service your warranty becomes void.

    These Worcester Greenstar’s are a good boiler but the feedback from our customers is they may be a little over-engineered.

    Don’t forget that all boiler and gas work must be carried out by a gas safe registered person.

    You cannot install any gas appliances in your own home unless you are gas safe registered.

    Working or installing gas appliances in your own home without being registered will void your home insurance.