• Glow-worm Energy review

  • Glow-worm energy Description

    The Glow-worm Energy Combination 30kW gas boiler has been designed and manufactured by Glow-worm.

    A high efficient condensing wall mounted Combination boiler, means it is a great choice for the smaller property where space is limited.

    The reason is that they do not require any cold water tank or hot water cylinder.

    Everything is wrapped up in one cost-effective unit, combination boiler, all in one.

    Incoming cold water supplied directly from the mains and heats water as required.

    An A-rated boiler, boasting an efficiency rating of around 89.2% which can increase by adding energy-saving controls.

    Glow-worm energy

    The 30 kW output makes this combination boiler perfect for those medium-sized homes which don’t have an excessive need for hot water.

    So compact, it can be installed in most kitchen cupboards.

    This helps it to be hidden out of sight.

    These boilers have a modern design with a bright, easy to use interface.

    A wide range of controls helping to give you maximum control over this combination boiler.

    This Glow-worm energy boiler is also available with outputs of 25kW, 30KW and 35kW.

    With these 3 outputs, you will be sure to find the right boiler for your property.

    Glow-worm is part of the Vaillant group which give you an idea of the quality build of this boiler.

    Vaillant’s Ecofit boiler is basically the same as the Energy internally, cosmetically different, but that’s it.

    One of the good options this boiler has is, it can be rear flued which is ideal when installed in a compartment.

    These boilers come with a 7-year warranty when installed by a Glow-worm registered installer.

    You also have an option to increase the Warranty to 10 years.

    Speak to your Gas Safe boiler installer who will be able to advise you on all the options available for this boiler.

    There are many makes and models of boilers out there but the Glow-worm energy is a good choice.

    From an installers point of view it is easy to install and set up. As stated before Glow-worm is part of the Vaillant group so the build quality is second to none.

    Remember though that all boilers must be installed serviced and repaired by a Gas Safe Registered company or engineer.