• Your Gas Safe Plumber

    Always check the gas safe plumber

    There will be times when you will need to call in a gas safe plumber to carry out some form of gas work

    Be it a repair or even an installation of a gas appliance, but how do you know if they are really gas safe registered.

    We have been to customers who have had gas work done by a plumber claiming to be gas safe, only to find out they were not. 

    When talking to the customer and asking them did they see the plumbers gas safe card.

    The answer is always no, “he told me he was registered,” 

    I didn’t think to ask for the card,

    The gas safe register issues an ID card to every one who is registered with them. 

    The card expires every year and has to be renewed by the end of March. 

    This card will have a picture of the gas safe plumber which you need to check matches the person showing you the card. 

    It also has the gas safe registration number of the plumber or company printed on the front.

    Every gas safe plumber also has a unique licence number which is also printed on the front of the card.

    With this number you can check on the gas safe register. 

    The name of the plumber and also if he is still registered to carry out gas work. 

    By carrying out these checks you will have peace of mind that the plumber who you have engage to do your gas work knows what he is doing.

    By law the gas safe plumber has to carry the gas safe card with him when carrying out any form of gas work. 

    If he cannot show you the card, you should not let him work on your gas appliances.

    Ask him to leave your property until he can return and show you the card.

    When your gas plumber shows you his card, you need to check the back of the card. 

    On the back you will see what he is qualified to work on. 

    Let say you want your boiler serviced, look for boilers on the card and check for the expiry date.

    If he has boilers listed and it is within the expiry date then he can service your boiler. 

    If he does not have boilers on the card then he cannot work on your boiler. 

    He may be gas safe registered, but he is not registered for boilers. 

    This is where people get a little confused sometimes. 

    It’s very important to check the card for the work you want done.

    There are people out there claiming to be a gas safe plumber when the truth is they are not. 

    Some produce cards that are out of date. 

    They may have been registered in the past but have not renewed for some reason.

    T.hey may even been removed from the register.

    The gas safe register monitors everyone who is registered with them and make regular checks on their work. 

    If you have had someone claiming to be a gas safe plumber and you are not happy with the work for whatever reason 

    You can contact gas safe and they will be only to happy to help. 

    Their main concern is gas safety, making sure you’re the work that was carried out is safe. 

    They are not interested if you were overcharged which is the norm for someone not being registered, just the safety side.

    When you have any form of gas work carried out in your home.

    Its good to know that the person claiming to be a gas plumber, really is what he says and knows what he is doing.

    One last thing that many people don’t realise is that if you use someone that is not registered,

    you will find you have no warranty on your new appliance.

    Most manufactories state that the appliance has to be installed by a gas safe engineer. 

    Also you will find that your home insurance could become void should something happen and you need to make a claim.

    Don’t forget, if you call in a gas plumber, are to see the card. Be safe be gas safe.