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    Gas Leak Gas Leaks Repaired.
  • Gas Leaks Repaired.

  • Gas Leaks Repaired.

    All types of gas leaks repaired, be it LPG or natural gas.

    If you can smell gas, you should switch off the gas supply straight away.

    For natural gas, you will find the isolation valve next to the gas meter.

    LPG will depend on the type of gas storage you have.

    If you have gas bottles that supply your gas, you will find the isolation valve below the change over valve. Alternatively, turn off each bottle.

    Should your gas be stored in a tank either above or below ground, the isolation valve will be where the gas pipe enters your property.

    If you are unsure of our how to isolate your gas supply, call in a gas safe registered company immediately.

    Do not switch on any electrical appliance as this could cause an explosion.

    Open all windows in your property, this will help remove the gas.

    Vacate your property and wait for a registered engineer to arrive.

    Once he arrives, explain to him where you could smell the gas.

    He should be able to locate the problem and either fix the leak or make safe if further works are needed.

    To find a local gas safe company in your area, search for gas leaks repaired on the internet via your mobile or tablet.

    A gas leak big or small can be extremely dangerous if left.

    Once your gas engineer has fixed the gas leak or made safe, he will issue a certificate with details of the cause of the leak.

    On the certificate will be details of the gas tightness test. This test proves that the gas supply is now safe.

    We hope this information helps you if you can smell gas.

    Gas Leaks Repaired in Suffolk and Essex.