• Lpg Water Heater

  • Forcali Lpg Water Heater (FWH-6A-GLP)

    Forcali LPG Water Heater
    Forcali LPG Water Heater supplied and installed in Suffolk.

    The Forcali LPG range of static caravan water heaters operates without a permanent pilot light offering high performance and safety on sizes unthinkable of until today.

    Their small size allows them to fit in any space, no matter how small.

    This 6-litre unit will replace a Morco D51, D61, Cointra Optima 5 or Bosch W135 5L water heater.

    To fit as a direct replacement for a Morco D51 or D 61 simply fit the supplied standoff brackets to bring the Flue in line.

    Advantages and safety of no permanent flame, lower gas usage and far higher water temperature.

    • Digital Display
    • Flow rate 6L Minute Max
    • Flow and temperature selector
    • Batteries included (2 LR20 batteries)
    • Extra-large copper production heat exchanger
    • Anti-corrosion heat exchanger coating
    • Battery level indicator (10 litres models)
    • Automatic ignition (maximum saving without pilot flame)
    • Operation at low pressure and low flow ( Min 0.2 Bar Max 10 Bar)
    • Ionization flame control
    • Oxygen depletion safety device
    • Overheating control to protect the heat exchanger
    • Water valve made of brass
    • Gas valve made of aluminium
    • Anti-freeze devise with hydraulic drain valve
    • 90mm Flue Collar
    • 1/2″ Connections
    • Fitting kit included ( Water connection Flexi hoses with shut off the tap, gas connection for 15mm and 10mm )
    • Size 440 x 300 x 135mm
    • 1 Year UK Onsite Warranty Supplied By Manufacturer

    Forcali 10L Lpg Water Heater (FWH-10A-GLP)

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    Forcali 12 L Room Sealed LPG Water Heater

    Forcali 12 L Room Sealed LPG Water Heater
    Forcali 12 L Room Sealed LPG Water Heater

    We as an LPG installation company find these Forcali LPG water heaters a very good piece of kit.

    No pilot, instant hot water at the outlet, all in all, a very good make.

    As with all gas appliances they should only be installed by a Gas Safe Registered company.

    They must be registered to work on LPG appliances and not just natural gas.

    Should you wish to discuss having a new Forcali LPG water heater installed, use our contact form and we will come back to as soon as possible.