• Combination Boilers are known as combi boilers

    Probably the most common boiler installed these days.

    So what are combination boilers?

    Just as the name states, a combination of a water heater and central heating boiler all built into one unit

    Let’s look at the pro and cons of combi boilers.


    They now come in many heat outputs starting at 24kw right up to 42kw.

    So if you are looking to install a combination boiler in your property you have many to choose from.

    They come in many shapes and sizes and can be installed in many locations

    Something that tends to confuse people is the heat output, let me explain.

    Let’s say you buy a 32kw combination boiler, it states 32kw, on the boiler badge, this is for the hot water output.

    The heating side is normally a little Lower, around 25kw. This is normal with all makes.

    Combination boilers free up space, no need to have a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard allowing you to utilise the extra space.

    No need to have a cold water storage tank,

    normally located in the loft, no worries about the pipes freezing in the winter months.

    Economical to use, saving on the fuel bills.

    Combi boilers heat your hot water as and when it is required,

    No more stored hot water that has been paid for but not used.

    Today’s boilers have been designed to highly efficient and cleaner for the environment.

    Combination boilers were first designed for the smaller properties, now they cater for the 4 bedrooms, 2 bathroom property.


    Should the boiler breakdown, then you will have no hot water or heating at all.

    With a stored hot water system, should the boiler stops working, you can heat the water via an immersion heater.

    They tend to be more involved to repair than a standard boiler, which means expensive repair bills.

    Water pressure plays a big part with combination boilers, you must have good incoming pressure.

    Running two hot water outlets at the same time will decrease the flow at each outlet.


    Combination boilers now account for around 50% of all boilers installed in the united kingdom.

    They are a good all-round boiler so long as they are maintained annually.

    When searching for a combination boiler stay away from the cheaper models,

    you want a well-known brand that has been designed for reliability as well as quality.

    Don’t forget all boilers can only be installed by a Gas Safe Registered person or company.