• Central Heating

  • When it comes to central heating, we all want to be warm in the colder months.

    Central Heating
    We can resolve you central heating problems

    Ipswich Heating Engineer

    So when the boiler stops working most of us start to panic.

    Don’t worry. 

    Here at Duval Heating, we have a fully trained team of Gas Safe Registered engineers to get your central heating up and working again. 

    We have been installing central heating systems for over 40 years, so there is not much we don’t know about heating systems.

    With today’s modern energy-saving condensing boilers they have to be serviced regularly. 

    Ipswich Heating Engineer

    If left un-serviced, you will find they will start to go wrong. 

    This is because they are not like old-style boilers, which were just a lump of cast iron, a burner and a thermostat. 

    The new condensing boilers have so many components built in that need to be checked regularly. 

    We specialise in boiler service and repairs for most makes of boilers on the market today.

    Did you know that just by upgrading your old-style boiler to a new condensing boiler, you could save anywhere between 35-40% on your gas bills? 

    Ipswich Heating Engineer

    So it’s worth considering if your old boiler is playing up to upgrade to a new one.

    So, if you are in the market for a replacement boiler, talk to us first and let us give you a competitive quote.

    We also specialise in converting over to a pressurised heating system, they are more energy-efficient to run than the older style system. 

    The difference between the old-style system, and the pressurised system, is with the old style system, you lose heat up the open vent pipe

    Which is a breather pipe?

    As the water heats up, it expands and starts to evaporate, with a pressurised system the expansion is taken up through an expansion vessel, so no heat loss.

    Also, the system circulates better, meaning the boiler does not have to work so hard.

    Ipswich Heating Engineer

    We will install any make of boiler, but we recommend either Vaillant or Worcester boilers.

    They have the best quality build and back up service should you need it.

    They are a little more expensive to buy, but you only get what you pay for.

    We are accredited to both Vaillant and Worcester boiler manufactures.

    When installing a new boiler, it’s worth spending that little bit extra to get the best. 

    You want to be warm and have plenty of hot water and heating when you need it.

    Whatever your needs for your central heating system call us first. 

    We can design and install your new heating system with all the latest energy-efficient controls.

    Even if it’s just a boiler replacement.

    Ipswich Heating Engineer

    A Little Tip to remember.

    To be able to install a gas boiler or any gas appliance.

    The person carrying out the work has to be Gas Safe Registered. 

    This Is The Law, in the United Kingdom…..