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    The Boiler service price can vary, anything from £60 upwards depending on what part of the country you live in.

    In the Suffolk area, we charge £78.00, but again, it will depend on the company.

    A bigger company like British Gas will charge over £100 to carry out the boiler service.

    In central London, for instants, the company Pimlico Plumbers, charge £155.00 plus vat per boiler service.

    A boiler service price of say, £78.00 is the basic price. This involves following the Boilermakers service instructions.

    Every boilermaker will have different service procedures, we call them boiler service 1 and 2.

    Service one is the basic service, it does not include any parts. It basically ensuring the boiler is safe to use.

    This will involve checking the boiler flue, looking for any damage, and it is in good working order.

    Next, taking combustion readings from the flue, this checks the integrity, as well as the combusting reading.

    Should the combusting reading be out of sync, then they are adjusted to the correct settings.

    Boiler service two is the same as service one, plus the burner is removed and checked over. 

    The internal part of the heat exchanger is cleaned and inspected.

    When reinstalling the burner a new gasket should always be fitted, as you cannot use the old one as it may leak combustion product.

    These gaskets vary in cost, depending on the make and model of the boiler.

    When you start searching for a boiler service price, be advised that if you find someone at a very low price, you should try and find out who they are.

    The main reason is safety, if someone is charging a low cost, then the chances are, they are not doing the service correctly.

    My advice would be to search the gas safe register to find someone in your area who is local to you.

    Remember, gas is dangerous in the wrong hands. 

    Always check the engineers gas safe card to ensure, he or she is qualified to service your boiler.