• Boiler Service Ipswich

  • Our boiler service Ipswich is for both LPG and natural gas boilers.

    Boiler Service Ipswich
    Boiler Service Ipswich

    As a boiler company, We work on all makes and models of domestic gas boilers.

    LPG and Natural Gas.

    The true fact is that around 90% of homes in the United Kingdom, never bother to have their boiler serviced, unless something goes wrong.

    Even landlords, who by law, should have any rented property checked and service, tend to miss out the boiler service. 

    They will only have the landlords gas safety inspection carried out to save money.

    One of the main reasons people tend to forget the boiler service, is they think they have a long boiler warranty.

    It seems that they don’t understand the full terms of the warranty. 

    Which is, the boiler needs to be serviced every 12 months without fail, this will keep the warranty valid.

    Our boiler service Ipswich covers everything that the boilermakers state to keep the warranty valid.

    When the service is completed, we will issue a gas safe boiler service certificate with our findings and any recommendations.

    We can service all domestic Boilers, both LPG and natural gas.

    A boiler that’s not serviced, could have a short life span, compared to a boiler that has had regular service.

    Only a Gas Safe Registered engineer can carry out the work on the boiler. 

    Joe Bloggs from down the road, unless he is registered, cannot work on the boiler.

    If you use someone not registered, you and that person, are breaking the law and could end up with a criminal record.

    Don’t waste your hard-earned cash by not having an annual boiler service carried out.

    It’s easy to arrange your boiler service or repair, just use our online booking form or contact page.

    We will confirm your booking either by email or if we have a contact number by calling you.