• Boiler Service

  • Annual Boiler Service

    The boiler service is very important if you want to prolong the life of your boiler.

    A boiler that is not serviced regular will undoubtedly need to replaced, Sometimes within 5-6 years.

    All boilers built today need regular serving, they cannot be left.

    While these boilers are working, they will produce condense which is acidic, should a leak happen, which over time it will do.

    It could corrode the boiler casing and make a hole in the case, once this happens, it’s then a new boiler.

    One of the main reason for annual service is the safety aspect.

    When I say safety, I mean inspecting that the boiler flue is working, and not leaking any products of combustion into the room.

    So what are products of combustion?

    Carbon monoxide is the answer, as we all know, it is a silent killer.

    Products of combustion are the same, as what comes from the car exhaust, only it’s the boiler exhaust.

    When the boiler flue is connected to the boiler, the connections are joined with rubber seals.

    If these seals don’t fully engage, they will eventually leak condense.

    This will eventually corrode the outer flue pipe.

    So you can see why a boiler service is essential.

    Who can service the boiler?

    Only a person or company who is Gas Safe Registered can service the boiler.

    If you decide to use someone who is not registered, you could end up being prosecuted.

    As a gas user, it is your responsibility to ensure that anyone working on your gas appliances is gas safe registered.