• Boiler Replacement, Ipswich, Suffolk

  • Boiler Replacement
    Boiler Replacement from Duval Heating.

    We offer a Boiler Replacement in Ipswich and Suffolk.

    All new boiler replacements will conform to current gas and building regulations, as required by law.

    To help keep the boiler and system protected and working to its full potential.

    We will install an inline filter will be fitted to the boiler return supply pipe.

    These filters come in all shapes and sizes, the right one for your new boiler will be installed.

    If your boiler replacement Ipswich Suffolk is a combination boiler.

    To comply with boiler plus regulations, We must install a load compensation room thermostat.

    The Regulations state, that all new combination boilers must have either, a compensation thermostat or weather compensator fitted.

    The room thermostat is the cheapest way of complying to the regulations.

    The load compensating thermostat will optimise the boiler, thus saving on your fuel bill.

    When carrying out a boiler replacement, the first thing we do is to protect the working area with dust sheets.

    We try to carry out your boiler replacement the same as if we were working in our own home.

    There is nothing worse than a tradesman working in your home who does not care.

    When replacing your old boiler, the pipework may need altering to connect to the new boiler.

    Once all the new boiler pipework has been completed, the whole system will be chemically cleaned and flushed out.

    This removes any debris and sludge from the system that could cause problems in the future for the new boiler.

    On refilling the system an inhibitor is added to the water, this protects from sludge build-up.

    The inhibitor will need topping up every year, over time it dilutes down and the protection drops.

    Should this not be done, your boiler will eventually have circulation problems due to blockages.

    When the annual service is carried out the inhibitor can be checked and topped up.

    Now that the boiler replacement is complete, we registered the new boiler with the manufactories for the warranty, also with gas safe.

    Registering the boiler with Gas Safe is the law. An unregistered boiler has no warranty and can also void your home insurance.

    Paperwork from both will normally arrive within six weeks.

    We have been working in the boiler industry for many years, gas safe registered for both LPG and Natural gas boilers.

    To discuss your boiler replacement use our contact form to arrange an engineer visit.

    Our boiler replacement engineers are gas safe registered for LPG and natural gas installations and repairs.