• Boiler Repairs Suffolk

  • We offer a full boiler repair service, on all Vaillant boilers, as well as other makes and models.

    Boilers In Suffolk
    Boilers In Suffolk

    Boiler Repair Suffolk

    If your boiler has broken down, we can normally get you back up and working the same day.

    This all depends on if we need to order any spare boiler parts.

    Most boilers tend to breakdown when you least expect it. Don’t worry we are here to help.

    The majority of boiler repairs can be fixed within a couple of hours.

    Should we need to replace any parts, we might need to order them in.

    They will normally arrive on the next day. 

    Some of the common spare parts, we can collect the same day.

    If you need a boiler repairs Suffolk, all you need to do is either call us or use our online booking form.

    If your boiler has been maintained from the day it was installed, a breakdown is normally a simple fix.

    A boiler that has not been maintained, may take longer to fix.

    If you ever notice that your boiler is not working like before, or sometimes it seems different, arrange for it to be checked over straight away.

    If left, it eventually stops working, and then it could become an expensive repair.

    I hear many people say, my boiler is under guarantee, so it should be repaired free of charge

    Not so, If your boiler has not had an annual service, the warranty will be void.

    All boiler manufactories offer long warranties, this is subject to an annual service being carried out, recorded in the boiler benchmark book that came with the boiler when new.

    Both LPG and Natural gas boilers, repaired and replaced.

    The best advice I can give is, look after your boiler, and the boiler will keep you warm when you need it, as well as supply all the hot water you need.