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    Boiler Maintenance Boiler Manufactures ​now offer longer Boiler Warranties
  • The real story about boiler warranties

    Boiler Warranties

    You may have noticed when searching for a new boiler that some boilers manufacturers are now offering warranties of up to ten years on some models. 

    It’s strange, because if you search for the life expectancy of a boiler.

    You will find that the results are between eight to ten years

    This is from the manufactures themselves, so what’s the catch.

    Boiler warranties now have very strict terms and conditions that have to be followed.

    Otherwise the warranties become void. 

    Offering longer warranties is all about the marketing of there products.

    If you are in the market for a new boiler, the most obvious boiler to pick is the one with the longest warranty.

    But this is not always the best option.

    Most boiler warranties use to be for one or two years. 

    This was standard across the board with most boiler manufactures. 

    They then come up with the idea that if your gas safe installer became accredited to them.

    Then the installer could offer you longer warranties.

    Which was good for the installer, also the manufactures, this helped them sell more boilers.

    For the installer to become accredited with the manufactures they have to attend a training course.

    This is at one of the there training centres through out the country. 

    Once the installer had attended then they could then offer you longer warranties. 

    If your installer is not accredited then the warranty is either one or two years.

    Worcester and Vaillant offering five years on certain models.

    To keep the warranties valid, you need to have the boiler serviced every year by a gas safe registered engineer.

    He then has to fill in the service section in the benchmark book that was supplied with the boiler. 

    If you don’t have your benchmark book you will need to contact you installer. 

    Once the boiler has been serviced the engineer has to sign and date it. 

    If this is not done the warranty could become void.

    For some reason some people think because their boiler has a long warranty they don’t need a service.


    The boiler manufacture know this from history past. 

    Around 90% of people don’t have their boiler serviced.

    They either forget or cannot be bothered until the boiler goes wrong. 

    This is how the boiler manufactures get out of the warranties.

    One of the other conditions of the warranties is that the system water has to be clean and protected with an inhibitor. 

    This is normally done when the boiler is installed.

    But what happens is the inhibitor over time will evaporate.

    And eventually your system will have no protection and the system could start to sludge up.

    Each year when the boiler is serviced, the water should be tested and if need be the inhibitor topped up.

    This give full protection again. 

    The dirty water is one of the main ways the boiler manufactures get out of the warranties. 

    Their answer is the boiler left the factory clean and now it’s dirty, it’s not their fault. 

    So always make shaw that your service engineer checks the inhibitor within your system.

    If you ever take a radiator off for decorating.

    When it comes time to refit the radiator you will need to top up the inhibitor.

    Because on fill up the inhibitor in the system has now been diluted with the fresh water. 

    Boiler manufactures ​now offer longer Boiler Warranties

    So it’s very important that this is done, over wise the warranty could become void.

    The boiler manufactures many years ago use to be quite easy should you need to call them.

    But now it’s all about making money.

    So they will use anyway they can out of the warranties.

    Most of the time when the boiler manufactures is called to a boiler breakdown, it’s not normally the boiler at fault.

    It’s normally to do with the controls or electrics.

    And the main fault being dirty water that clogs up the heat exchanger and makes they boiler stop working, and go to lock out.

    So if you are looking at boilers with long warranties make sure you know what needs to be done to keep the warranty valid. 

    In my opinion one of the best warranties is offered by Worcester, but that only my opinion.

    Boiler manufactures ​now offer longer Boiler Warranties