• Ten common boiler faults to be aware of

    We often leave our boiler to work without paying it much attention.

    It’s only when a problem strikes, that we really take notice.

    However, often these problems can be minor,

    so don’t reach straight for the chequebook and buy a new boiler without looking at the points in this article.

    Boiler Faults

    We’ll help you discover the most common boiler faults and help you decide if a new boiler is worthwhile.

    Remember though, if your boiler is more than 15 years old, you should invest in an upgrade.

    Not only will this reduce your heating bills up to £300 a year, but you’ll protect your home against a boiler breakdown.

            No heat or hot water

    Of course, the whole function of a boiler is to produce heat and hot water for your home.

    Oddly enough though, if your boiler isn’t producing heat and hot water it could be a common problem with an easy solution.

    Causes can be a broken diaphragm or airlock, to a failure in motorised valves.

    Your boiler could also be suffering from issues with the thermostat.

            Leaking water

    If your boiler is leaking or dripping water, there are a number of reasons that could be the problem.

    A reputable Gas Safe boiler engineer will be able to assess the situation and resolve the problem.

            Banging noises

    Banging noises in the system are often caused by trapped air or the water pressure being too low even a faulty pump.

    You could also be suffering from kettling, which is explained below.

    For banging, whistling or gurgling noises, call in an expert and have the problem resolved.

            Pilot light

    Once again, the pilot light extinguishing could be for several reasons,

    most of which have a simple solution.

    It could be as straightforward as a draught blowing out the flame, or a broken thermocouple which would need replacing.

    There could also be a build-up of deposit, meaning the pilot light would need to be cleaned.

            Pressure loss

    The most common reason for pressure loss in your boiler installation is a water leak.

    Another associated cause is a failed vessel, which can be replaced by a professional boiler engineer.

            Condensate pipe freezing

    Most modern, energy efficient boilers in the UK have condensate pipes removing wastewater.

    In the winter there’s the chance of this pipe freezing and a blockage being created.

    The pipe can be thawed by a professional, so ensure to hire a Gas Safe boiler engineer for the job.

           Thermostat faults

    With a boiler thermostat, the older it is, the more likely it will be to develop a fault.

    An issue could be a temperature misreading or the boiler switching itself on and off.

    In this case, although a professional can clean and reconnect the thermostat,

    it would be wise to invest in a new, energy efficient boiler model.


    For areas which receive hard water, kettling can be a problem.

    This issue is caused by limescale build-up in the heat exchanger.

    An excessive build-up can result in rumbling and steam bubbles being produced.

            Radiators lacking heat

    If hot water is unable to circulate your pipework, then the radiators won’t produce as much heat as they should.

    This is normally because of corrosion in the pipework or a sludge build-up.

    A power flush will remove the deposits and help the efficiency of your heating system.

            Boiler switching off

    There are a number of issues which have been explained previously that could be causing this problem.

    From low water pressure to a thermostat error, call in a professional and have the fault dealt with quickly.

    New boiler quotes

    If your boiler is over 15 years old, or your heating bills are excessive, then consider a replacement boiler.

    A new energy efficient model can save you up to £300 annually and your home will be kept warmer throughout the year.

    Boiler Faults